الگو نوبر

مدرسه نوشت

!We had an unbelievable teacher

He is a disaster, every session he comes to class and starts fussing, for example, if your eyes are closed, he says why you don’t attention to me?! And when they are open, he says “what are you looking at

!When we asked him about his intractable behavior, he answered that he wants to breed us

!We were bred but not with the way he wanted

.We learned that if we become an important person, try to not to be headstrong

:According to Saadis poem

.A wise man gets learning from those who have none


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خوش خیال

مدرسه نوشت
لبخند Hi
:I have an important question
?How can I kill somebody who doesn’t attention to student Academic successes
.Today, I saw our Educational Assistant, he smiled at me. Then he gave me a paper that looked like a training Award
 ?I asked him that why didn’t they give it to us in front of the students
:His funny and unbelievable answer was
   “We have many confidential reasons, so we can’t do what you want from us “
It was a good experience for me
I understood that some people when become older, become wishful thinking.
I wish I could use the word brutish instead of wishful thinking!
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